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Creative Director
Brand Manager

Doug is the Creative Director and Brand Manager for Heroes & Villains and cohost of the popular podcast, Concept Pending. Doug launched the Heroes & Villains brand back in 2017. Prior to starting HV, he was the Creative Director of men’s accessories at Bioworld Merchandising. Doug has worked in many facets of the licensed merch business and has traveled the world in the process. He loves the outdoors and spends his days off paddling his kayak or riding his bike. One of Doug’s favorite collections is the Wildlife Expeditions assortment, inspired by the natural worlds and creatures of Star Wars.

Greg is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Men's Apparel designer for Heroes & Villains. Greg has been with Heroes & Villains since October of 2020. Greg is an avid player of tabletop roleplaying games and an active game master. Also a fan of comics, movies, and science fiction/fantasy novels, Greg can frequently be found hunting around in used book stores and old comic shops. Greg's favorite character is Superman, hands down. Though he is a power fantasy, Superman is not about getting in fights and beating people up. At his core, Superman is a fantasy about having all the power in the world so that you can help people. Help them change a tire, get a cat out of a tree, stop a flood, negotiate a truce with an alien civilization to avoid a war, so on and so forth. One of Greg's favorite colections is the D&D Vecna collection. Though it's a smaller collection, it's a deeper cut for Dungeons & Dragons, and focuses on a villain rather than the good guys.



Men's Designer



Accessories Designer

Meet Mayra, the Accessories Design Manager at Heroes & Villains and the dynamic cohost of the podcast, Concept Pending. Mayra's quirky persona and dark sense of humor align perfectly with her favorite character, Deadpool. Before diving headfirst into the HV universe, Mayra spent a solid decade crafting licensed carry goods for specialty retailers. From the dawn of HV, Mayra's knack for crafting killer bag designs occasionally graced the brand's site. But come summer 2021, she officially joined the squad, and has expanded her knowledge of bag design to include headwear, footwear, hosiery, cold weather knits and travel gear. As an avid traveler, Mayra knows the ins and outs of schlepping gear across the globe. One of her favorite collections is the weekender travel sets. Inspired by her own adventures, she crafted this collection to tackle every travel hassle imaginable.

AC is a Product Designer for Heroes & Villains and a frequent flyer of the popular podcast, Concept Pending. AC has been with Heroes & Villains for 2 years and providing Illustrations and Graphic Design for over 20 years. Before working on the Heroes & Villains team, AC worked as a freelance Graphic & Web Designer for various Marketing Agencies in Puerto Rico, San Antonio, and Boerne areas. AC spent a few years as a Sequential Artist and got published by El Rey Network, Murky Depths, and Zenescope while being powered only by coffee. Happy of his participation in both Godzilla Metal and Critical Role Collections.



Product Designer



Podcast Producer

Christian is a Content Producer for Heroes & Villains and producer of the popular podcast, Concept Pending. Christian has been with Heroes & Villains for 2 years and creating content for 6 years. Christian's favorite anti-hero is Catwoman (specifically Eartha Kitt). They are proud of the hard work, creativity, and gumption required of working for this evolving D2C brand!