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X-Men Rogue Top Loader Mini Backpack

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Customer Reviews

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Day Garcia
Cuties bag

It’s taller than a loungefly. Has drink holders on each side that technically fit regular sized water bottles, but I use them for my phone and sunglasses. It has like a bucket lid type opening and 2 pockets on the inside. Super deep and evenly cube shaped space inside.

J. M.
Perfect size

This bag is a perfect size! Not to big, not to small. Love the big front pocket. Hoping the matching wallet comes back soon!

Sheila Shaw
Great bag that fits my needs

Great quality as always. The bag is a nice size not too big or too small. The side pockets on the other hand are pretty small so if you like to carry bottled water and things of that nature it won't fit.

Cam Y
Bigger than a loungefly

Not like THAT much bigger, but you could fit an average sized LF bag inside this one, np. Side pockets are a little smaller than expected and the little yellow straps can be annoying at times, but they do help from straining the shoulders. Some stitching/seams have come loose but otherwise very well put together and cute. Matches wallet oh so perfectly.

Kendra H.
Best Thing Ever!!!!!!!!

The backpack is glorious!!!! It holds so much. Is really well made and steady. I love it so so much. It's better than all my Michael Kors purses!!!!