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Vintage Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Cropped Pink Tee

Sale price$32.00


Cropped Tee Size Chart

Body Length
Body Width
18 3/4"
17 5/8"
19 3/8"
18 5/8" 
 M 20"
19 5/8"
20 5/8"
20 5/8"
21 1/4"
22 1/8"
21 7/8"
23 5/8"
3X 22 1/2" 25 1/8"


Vintage Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Cropped Pink Tee
Vintage Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Cropped Pink Tee Sale price$32.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Definitely not "cropped"

As the title says, this shirt is not cropped at all. It extends several inches past what is shown in the picture. Which to be fair, is a good thing considering it's not a loose fit the way one would expect a cropped t-shirt to be.

*Only five stars because the site removed my review when it was fewer lol

**Re: HV Response Below - This is my first purchase from the site and my only review. When I posted the review - after I refreshed the page and it showed up - I noticed that the site automatically applies 5 stars and I hadn't subtracted any for the misleading information on the listing. I EDITED my review changing ONLY the number of stars. I did not alter the text of my commentary (why would I? I didn't know yet that my review would disappear and my comment was pretty mild, not even entirely negative). And the review promptly disappeared. As you can clearly see, there is no profanity or personal information in my review. Over the next several hours I refreshed periodically. When the review never showed back up, I edited again bumping it back to five stars and included the asterisk. The review immediately returned to the item's page.

***Also. It's not that this item "didn't fit as expected". It's that the item I received is not the item I purchased. It's not the item from the pictures. I even checked the site to see if there was a regular length version of the cropped shirt that they might have accidentally sent. But no. This is the only pink Harley/Ivy shirt on the sight. It is absolutely not cropped.

Hi SD,

Thank you for leaving a review! I'm sorry to hear the shirt didn't fit as expected. We're not seeing any other reviews under this email! We apologize for any confusion or frustration. We actively monitor reviews and only remove ones that have profanity or personal information included, likely, we hadn't had time to review and post yet! We apologize again for any confusion or frustration! Please email us at and we would be happy to explain and assist!

-HV Team