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Rebel ID Wristlet

Sale price$40.00

Rebel ID Wristlet
Rebel ID Wristlet Sale price$40.00

Customer Reviews

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Brian D
Cool Wallet

I’ve purchased a few H&V billfolds, which are also great, but I have a knack of misplacing them, or the metal logo will start to chafe my back pocket. This wallet is bigger/plushier and much more noticeable (ie: I am less likely to lose/misplace), plus it has a coin pouch which is pretty sweet. Also I was able to fit about $100 of 20s/5s/1s no problem…not the most spwce for bills but definately doable.

Great little wallet

If you're a nerd and like smaller wallets, this is great! I do agree with the review about not a lot of room for cash. However, if you just carry a few bills, it's just fine.

Chris Mac
Nice wallet, but not really useful if you have any bills

This wallet looks amazing and has a good amount of card space. The coin pocket could be a little bit bigger and deeper to be fair. Although I don't carry many bills, it would be nice if this were a bit longer to fit bills.

Jamie Butler
Love this wallet!

This wallet is really cute! Goes well with the backpack! Would definitely recommend!

Zip It Up Rebel Scum!

If you’re looking for a stylish and practical way to carry your ID and some Galactic Credits in a galaxy far, far away - this is the way!

The Rebel ID wristlet is a well-designed, well-executed, durable accessory that features a small zippered pouch. I know…ZIPPERS are not allowed in the SW galaxy but this one is small, discreet and highly useful - especially for holding your credits during a game of Sabacc. It also has a clear window for your ID card, which is handy when you need to prove your identity to suspicious stormtroopers (just don’t let them see the Rebel markings).

The wristlet is a great accessory for any Star Wars fan who wants to show their allegiance to the rebellion and keep their identification and credits close at hand.